Senior Round Table: “Challenges for Health Care and Higher Education in the New Normal”

Featured Speaker

Gene D. Block

Changes in the economy and public policy continue to highlight challenges for the “New Normal.  The recession has had a far reaching impact on local and global markets and on public institutions.  Reduced tax dollars have exacerbated the budget deficit in California and the public university system, responsible for educating the workforce of the future.  These changes along with demographic shifts are reshaping the higher education landscape.  UCLA and other public universities in California have had to face these challenges and make adjustments while preserving their mandate to educate, conduct research and serve the greater community.  Likewise the Health Care Reform Legislation passed by Congress in March of this year poses challenges for employers who have to interpret and implement these changes as health care costs continue to escalate.

Chancellor Gene D. Block will address the challenges faced by public universities and how UCLA plans to serve its mission of education, research and community service  to enhance quality of life for Californians while adapting to a new funding model.

A panel of members and health care experts will share programs they have implemented at their organizations to improve outcomes for quality health care for their employees and reduce costs. Diane Shapiro at Boeing will share the basic principles of “The Medical Home” program to address issues for chronically ill employees, “Best Doctors” and “Boeing on the Move.”  Ken Kahrs from NBC Universal will discuss contrasting approaches to health benefits and the impact on employee satisfaction, Tanya Benenson, NBCU Medical Director will share the impact of their health clinics and wellness programs to give patients the kind of care they are not getting elsewhere.  Leslie A Margolin, President and CEO of Partners Transforming Health will share strategies for how health care costs can be reduced and address insurer, provider, customer and consumer issues.

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