About Us

HARRT at UCLA (Human Resources Round Table) is an organization of Senior Human Resources and Diversity leaders from top corporate, non-profit and public organizations that is dedicated to the advancement of human resources management through a partnership with prominent academics and thought leaders.

Founded in 1986, HARRT offers a forum for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and academic research affecting the practice of human resources. Executives attend customized quarterly Round Table meetings including a two-day annual retreat and a Day of Learning, with topics developed from member input.The programs provide a combination of innovative thinking, strategic focus and practical application — critical to meeting the challenges facing human resources today.

HARRT’s affiliation with the Anderson School of Management, the Luskin School of Public Affairs and the UCLA School of Law provides valuable interdisciplinary access to leading faculty and insight into the latest academic research and current trends. Through the HARRT partnership, members collaborate with esteemed international faculty at UCLA and other prestigious universities to develop strategies and initiatives for their organizations.

As part of the Senior Human Resources Executive membership, senior members are eligible to nominate additional members from their human resources team to participate in the HARRT Associate Program that also includes a series of meetings with peers and top academic leaders throughout the year.

In addition to scheduled HARRT meetings and events, members have access to several programs at UCLA including, Anderson School of Management Executive Education course offerings, placement of MBA interns and legal externs, assignment of MBA teams who serve member companies on a project basis and consultancy opportunities with world-renowned faculty from UCLA and other major universities.

A list of companies and institutions that have been represented in HARRT since 1986 can be found here.

“HARRT is an oasis in a sea of development opportunities. Let’s face it, Senior HR Execs. could spend every day in professional group meetings and conferences. It is uncanny how many times I have been grappling with very challenging issues that have significant strategic impact on the business and walked away from a HARRT event with ahead of the curve ideas that I have put into action. In addition, I am very grateful that the program’s design lends itself to building lasting relationships with some of the most talented HR folks in the business.”

“I was fortunate enough to be invited to join HARRT by a former HR colleague! The HR Executives I’ve met through HARRT have been impressive in terms of the breadth of industries covered and thought leadership when it comes to people strategies. Also, the introduction to outside thinkers and research has sparked outside of the box thinking for my people strategy.”

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