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HARRT 30th 2x2

HARRT at UCLA celebrated a milestone; 2016 marked our 30th year as a forum for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and academic research affecting the practice of human resources.

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February 27, 2019 – HARRT 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Round Table

Learn, be inspired, share, and connect with fellow HR Executives at HARRT’s “Second Annual
Diversity and Inclusion Round Table”. This full day session included lecture, employer panels,
round table discussion, and informal opportunities to collaborate with peers on the D&I
challenges and opportunities facing HR Leaders. We discussed the creation of a culture that supports a
diverse workplace, inclusive leadership, the impact of #Metoo on corporate strategy, building blocks to
address unconscious bias, and intersectionality in the workplace. We also shared programs that organizations have adopted to meet inclusion goals.

Speakers Included:

Lise L. Luttgens, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles
Miguel M. Unzueta, Professor of Management and Organizations, UCLA
Corinne Bendersky, Professor of Management and Organizations, UCLA
Kwame Cooper, Assistant Chief, LA Fire Department
Abbe Land, Executive Director, LA County Women and Girls Initiative
Carolyn Yashari Becher, Co-Founder, HopSkipDrive
Jamie Dolkas, Director of Women’s Leadership, Adjunct Law Professor, Center for WorkLife Law, UC Hastings College of the Law
Allison Elder, Vice President, HR, RAND Corporation
InaMarie Johnson, Chief People Officer, Zendesk
Rich Richardson, Associate Vice President HR, American Honda Motor Co.
Julia McCallin, Associate Vice President Human Resources, Caltech
Devon Dickau, Chief Of Staff, Diversity And Inclusion Client Service Center Of Excellence Deloitte Consulting LLP

HARRT 2018 – A Year in Review

UCLA Anderson Spotlight

UCLA Anderson: Teamwork and Status

Michael Totty’s featured piece covers UCLA Anderson School of Management professor Corrine Bendersky’s recent research on status in the workplace.

The study shows that status within the workplace is dynamic, not static.

“Researchers have seen that high status can be gained both through self-promotion and unselfish dedication to the group. Further study can indicate whether the most effective approach depends on the makeup of the team or on the nature of the assignment.” -Totty

Read the full article here.

Internet Wages

“Worry over a widening gap between America’s rich and poor makes the issue of pay ratios a dicey problem for many companies. Laws in place since 2015 require every public company to openly compare its chief executive compensation to average employee earnings and, in some cases, to pay a city surtax for big differences.”

This article features research by Christopher Poliquin, Assistant Professor of Strategy, and explores the effect that new technology can have on pay for all employees.

Check out this article written by Dee Gill.

UCLA Anderson Research Spotlight

Article by Carla Fried: Vacation Mindset: How Weekends Can Be More Refreshing

When it comes to time off, America is definitely not a world leader. A review of mandated vacation policy in 21 countries with advanced economies by the Center for Economic and Policy Research reports that the United States is the only country that doesn’t guarantee workers paid time off, and about one quarter of U.S. workers don’t receive paid holidays and vacation days.

Among the lucky ducks who have paid time off, the workaholic zeitgeist is a strong headwind. According to the U.S. Travel Association, Americans in 2017 on average used 17 of the 23 paid days they were entitled to. That’s actually better than Glassdoor’s 2017 survey of 2,000 workers, in which participants reported using barely more than half their vacation days, on average.

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Anderson Special Event

Technology and the Business of Entertainment

March 2019 Economic Outlook

The March Anderson Economic Forecast is open to HARRT members!

The U.S. and California economies remain on track to avoid a recession in 2019, though elevated risks abound. These risks point to key factors to watch as the latter part of the year unfolds. And the soft housing markets, jitters on Wall Street and trade disputes all point to uncertainties in 2019. One key to continued growth in Los Angeles is the health of the tech industry, and in particular the transformation of the entertainment industry with new technologies. The March 2019 UCLA Anderson Forecast presents an analysis of these and other issues with the rollout of its next report. Agenda.

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