Senior Round Table: “Creating a High Engagement Organization: A Practical Approach for Employees, Managers and Executives”

Featured Facilitators

Linda Newton
Executive Director

Lucy Wander-Perna
HARRT Executive Committee

Featured Speaker

Christopher Rice
President and CEO

Employee engagement is on more boardroom agendas than ever before, but only a few organizations have completed the process with success stories worth sharing or leveraging. This session takes a fresh look at this important business issue for all companies looking to engage, retain and empower their workforces.  It introduces the key findings from the recently published 2011 Employee Engagement Report and builds on the information presented during our Annual Retreat last fall. Through an interactive discussion, members will learn how to influence and harness discretionary contributions from employees by focusing on five key areas and understanding how each level of the organization can promote engagement.

BlessingWhite CEO Christopher Rice and Facilitator Sheridan Celmer will lead an interactive forum to provide: The business case for engagement, a pragmatic model for talking about engagement, the latest global findings on engagement levels and drivers, recommendations for avoiding five common pitfalls to successful engagement initiatives, tangible actions for making engagement a shared responsibility across the workforce and an ongoing priority, in addition to our focus on increasing engagement levels across your organization, the session will provide insights into maintaining your personal engagemement as a leader. For research conducted by BlessingWhite on engagement and other topics, please follow this link:

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