Senior Round Table: “Persuasion at Work: How to Win Support for Your Ideas, Proposals and Initiatives”

Featured Speaker

Noah Goldstein


HR & Organizational Behavior
UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management

Every day we face the challenge of persuading others to do what we want.   As leaders, it is essential be persuasive.  This session will provide insights into strategies and tactics for improving responsiveness to your arguments, requests and agendas.  We will learn the scientific principles behind the art of persuasiveness drawing largely from   the psychological fundamentals of persuasive communication.   While learning practical persuasion tactics and how to apply them in a variety of situations, HARRT members will also learn about common persuasion mistakes and how to avoid them.

In advance of this meeting we ask you to reflect on initiatives that you have proposed or situations in which you have tried to persuade others to support a proposal.  So that we have a sense of the issues most relevant to you, we ask that you send a brief description in advance, if you can.  This information will be treated as confidential and used for designing the session content and group exercise.  We will have a group discussion exercise in which you will have an opportunity to apply some of the principles presented.  Please come prepared to discuss one or two situations in which you can apply the new knowledge you have:

1) One can be something you want to propose for the future and how you can change your strategy and content to be more persuasive.

2) an alternative is to reflect on something you have proposed in the past and how it could have been changed to be more persuasive.

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