Senior Round Table: “Developing Brand Ideals to Inspire and Motivate Employees”

Featured Speaker:

Sanjay Sood
Associate Professor of Marketing
UCLA Anderson School of Management


Professor of Marketing Sanjay Sood will conduct an interactive session on how business depends on meeting market demands, understanding the customer and meeting their needs for business success. Professor Sood will specifically focus on brand ideals to inspire and motivate employees. A brand ideal is the “higher purpose” or main reason why a brand exists. Many companies focus their brand on consumers via advertising campaigns. The strongest brands, however, create an ideal that works from the inside-out–the ideals motivate employees and consumers with a compelling vision. These companies align the corporate culture, incentives, and processes to fit the brand ideal. According to a recent study, companies with strong brand idealssignificantly outperformed the S&P500 over a ten year managing external customersimpacts the organization’s operating and human resource management practices.


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