Associate Round Table: “DNA of Engagement: How Organizations Create & Sustain Highly Engaging Cultures”

Featured Speakers:

Rebecca Ray

Rebecca Ray, Ph.D.
Executive Vice Presiedent, Knowledge Organization and Human Capital Practice Lead
The Conference Board

David Dye

David Dye, Ph.D.
Director, Human Capital
Deloitte Consulting LLP


Session Description:

The topic of discussion will be DNA of Engagement: How Organizations Create & Sustain Highly Engaging Cultures. To answer this question, Research Fellows of The Engagement Institute along with researchers from Deloitte, Sirota and The Conference Board, studied 12 organizations of varying size, structure, products/service and mission. Through interviews with executives, surveys, site visits and analysis, the findings revealed eight common elements at the core of each organization:
-Alignment of Business Strategy and Engagement Strategy
-An Organizational Philosophy that Emphasizes a Core Purpose
-Formal Programs and Policies that Drive the Engagement Agenda
-Open, Proactive, Leader-Driven Communication about Engagement
-A Workplace (Physical and Virtual) and Organizational Structure that Promotes Collaboration and Inclusion
-A Regular Cadence for Assessment and Follow-Up
-Leaders who are Expected and Empowered to Build Engagement
-Demonstration of the Business Impact of Engagement
In this special briefing, we will headline the findings and share examples to showcase the philosophies, actions, and outcomes of these profiled organizations in an effort to bring to life the elements of highly engaged cultures. Central to this report are the elements of engagement and the descriptors which are the markers —the 23 pairs in the DNA helix, if you will—of those organizations that are highly engaged. We will share a tool for assessing where your organization is on its own journey to becoming a “highly engaged” culture.

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