Associate Round Table: “Talent Acquisition to Predictive Hiring: Target, engage, select, and promote the right talent to advance your business”

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Jack O'Laughlin

Jack O’Laughlin
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Talent Acquisition is changing rapidly. Individual and engaging experiences for applicants, decision making based on analytics, and supporting unique organizational cultures with new talent are just some of the mandates on talent acquisition today. Advances in recruiting technology, social sourcing, workforce analytics as well as changes in the talent mix utilized by many fast growing companies has created new dynamics for the recruiting function in many companies. This session will start with Drs. Leo Brajkovich and Hailey Herleman from IBM sharing best practices and innovative future ideas from their research and client experience.  Elements of culture, analytics, and workforce science will come together to provide ideas on how to target, engage, select and promote the right talent for your business.  Second, Jack O’Laughlin, along with a panel from, our host, will share specific examples of a talent acquisition initiative they took on last year and their lessons learned. Finally, Regina Regazzi, Assistant Dean and Director, Parker Career Management, UCLA Anderson School of Management will share her observations from the applicant’s perspective.  What are applicants looking for in employers, what drives them to apply, accept an offer, and stay with an organization?

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