FULL-SPECTRUM THINKING IN A POST-OUTBREAK WORLD with Dr. Bob Johansen, Institute for the Future

Dr. Bob Johansen, a distinguished fellow with the Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley and friend of HARRT, has been doing ten-year forecasting for more than thirty years, with remarkable accuracy. In this talk, he will share his latest forecasts for the post-outbreak world, with a focus on opportunities and threats for the human resources function. Full-spectrum thinking is the ability to seek clarity across gradients of possibility–while resisting the temptations of certainty and simplistic labeling. Bob will discuss how leaders can think in full-spectrum ways, particularly across the spectrum of human/computer potential. Digital augmentation of humans will be mandatory to thrive in the future and Bob will provide his latest thinking about how leaders of the future can thrive in an increasingly digital world.

*As a follow-on to this discussion, Bob facilitated a BOOK CLUB exclusively for HARRT Senior Executive Members on February 16 & 26. As part of membership, each participating HARRT Executive member received a complimentary digital copy of Bob’s new book: Full-Spectrum Thinking: How to Escape Boxes in a Post-Categorical Future.