PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY with Harvard Business School Professor, Amy Edmondson, Martijn Sjoorda, and UCLA Anderson Professor, Corinne Bendersky

The past year has resulted in major disruptions to corporate strategies and operations as a result of the global pandemic, digital transformation, economic uncertainty, and social discourse. As corporate leaders rethink how their organizations will perform in the future, there is a renewed emphasis on creating an inclusive organization to encourage the development of creative, innovative, and productive teams.

For many years, Amy C. Edmondson, Professor of Leadership at Harvard Business School and author of the book “The Fearless Organization” and Martijn Sjoorda, Co-Founder, The Fearless Organization, have studied how creating psychological safety is the key ingredient to develop high-performing, humane, and resilient leaders for the future.

Please join UCLA’s Professor Corinne Bendersky as she interviews our speakers and they discuss how to build competitive and innovative organizations in the future by:
• Exploring the link between psychological safety and high performance
• Creating a speak-up culture where it’s “safe” to express ideas, ask questions, and admit mistakes
• Nurturing the level of engagement and candor required to succeed in today’s new economy