The Remote Work Revolution – Succeeding From Anywhere with Harvard Business School Professor, Tsedal Neeley

HARRT’s Faculty Director, Professor Corinne Bendersky shared a conversation with Harvard Professor Tsedal Neeley on the future remote work revolution. This special conversation will air on C-SPAN 2’s Book TV throughout the weekend of June 19-20 and then be archived on their website as part of the C-SPAN video library.

The discussion covered how the rapid and unprecedented changes brought on by Covid-19 have accelerated the transition to remote operations requiring many companies to migrate to virtual work in just weeks. This massive transition has forced companies to rapidly advance their digital footprint and evaluate how work is performed.

Several global studies have shown that companies have experienced productivity gains after allowing employees to have flexible work locations. The remote work revolution has resulted in several workplace enhancements such as improved commute times, reduced operational costs, and the ability to recruit talent from around the world. However, organizations are also facing several new challenges including the impact on corporate culture, communication, employee experience, and how work will be organized in the future.

Professor Neeley discussed how remote work is here to stay and how corporate leaders, including human resources executives and their teams, need to adopt new innovative strategies to be successful in this disruptive work environment. She shared evidence-based insights from her new book “Remote Work Revolution” on how to build trust, keep teams motivated, maintain critical connections without in-person interactions, and how to create a proper work/life balance that will not only benefit employees but also their organizations and ultimately, their customers.