2022 Speaker’s Series: “How to Change” with Professor Katy Milkman, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

March 8, 2022 – Today, many leaders and human resources teams are re-focusing on workplace issues. In addition to creating a more inclusive culture, many organizations have made significant investments in new benefit programs to address employee physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. However, often these programs are not successful since individual daily habits are very difficult to change. But why is change so difficult and what can we do to overcome the barriers? Professor Katy Milkman, a renowned behavioral scientist at The Wharton School shared evidence-based insights that are applicable whether you are interested in changing your own behavior or as a leader helping your employees achieve their personal goals. She discussed science-based research from her new bestselling book on ways to develop positive change behaviors from her bestselling book How to Change: The Science of Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be which was named one of the eight best books for healthy living in 2021 by the New York Times.