The UCLA Human Resources Round Table (HARRT) & WTW 10th ANNUAL DAY of LEARNING

HARRT at UCLA and WTW are  proud to present our 10th Annual Day of Learning

Future Focus: Winning Employer Strategies   

May 10, 2023 (in person)

Talent shortages. Inflation. Recession concerns. Quiet quitting. Quiet firing. Market disruption. Ambiguity. Sustainability. Wellbeing issues. Bots. Digital transformation. In the current environment, winning employers focus on future opportunities to reset expectations for employees and leaders.
As HR leaders look ahead, it’s become clear that uncertainty is here to stay.

How can leaders adapt to new assumptions and thrive amidst change and uncertainty while creating a sense of security that employees seek?

Members, faculty, and special guests joined us to discuss the winning strategies of employers who face changing employee and customer priorities, emotional and financial well-being responsibilities, and the demands of digital transformation in a time of ongoing change.

• Gain insights from leading employers and professors on the current HR landscape and future of the workplace
• Hear proven strategies to optimize the workforce through trends and best practices for effective leadership
• Network with executive peers across industry sectors from leading global organizations