2012 Annual Sr. Executive Retreat

Leveraging Social Media to Foster Engagement and Impact in the Age of Connectivity

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Karie Willyerd,
The 2020 Workplace

Panel of Practitioners:

Donna Morris
Adobe Systems Inc.

David Parsons
Corporate VP Global Alliances & CMO

Patricia Romeo
Talent Innovation, D Street Leader

Strategic Social Media Discussion:

David Parsons
Donna Morris
Adam Wootton
Sr. Consultant
Towers Watson

Moderated by:

Amy Hirsh-Robinson
Interchange Group

Political and Econmonic Outlook:

Mark Peterson
Prof. of Public Policy and Political Science


There has been an explosion in social media and social networking tools over the last five years and organizations are increasingly thinking about how to apply these tools to the HR function. The first and most obvious use of social media and social networking tools is for attracting talent and building employer brands, but HR leaders are also creatively applying these tools to enhance internal connections between employees, create internal communities of practice, build and support diversity initiatives, broadly communicate HR initiatives and messages from senior executives, and connect emerging talent with senior mentors and coaches.
Our Retreat theme seeks to explore how talent and social media can be leveraged to drive innovation and performance in organizations as a potentially powerful tool to drive important business outcomes and transform the role of HR leaders.  Since this retreat takes place right after the national and state elections, we will combine knowledge and insights from technological and social trends with the political and economic landscape.
Our program schedule will allow for ample interaction and networking of thought and market leaders with our members as we explore the following topics:

  1. How to use internal social networks to help widely dispersed employees connect, innovate, and share ideas and knowledge.
  2. Effectively use social media to connect groups with shared projects, challenges, or customers.
  3. Help senior leaders connect and communicate with employees, customers, alliance partners and other constituents.
  4. How companies are setting policies around the use of social media by employees on company time.
  5. Incorporating social media into business strategy.
  6. Thoughts on future uses of social media and social networking tools.

Event Materials (members only)

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