2015 Annual Sr. Executive Retreat Materials

Speaker Bios

Joshua Seldman, CEO, Executive Stamina
Chris Ernst, VP, Leadership and Organization Effectiveness, Juniper Networks
Haig Nalbantian, Senior Partner, Mercer
Min Park, Human Capital Consultant, Mercer
Jennifer Mueller, Associate Professor of Management, University of San Diego
MaryGrace Naughton, Yogo & Meditation Supervisor, Miraval Resorts
Jill Payne, Personal Trainer, Power Payne Fitness



Session 3:

Top 12 HR Trends
10 Talent Management Trends
Future HR Magazine

Session 5:

Bias Against Creativity
Managers Reject Ideas Customers Want

Session 6:

Beyond Forecasting: Using predictive analytics to enhance organizational performance
Driving Compensation Strategy Alignment
Agenda – April 21st

Session 7:

Organizational Climate and Culture
Why Teams don’t Work
Harvard Business Review: Making mobility matter

Session 8:

Bright, Shiny Objects and the Future of HR

Session 10:

Creating Mindful Leaders and Organizations

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