2014 Annual Sr. Executive Retreat

Session 1: “Economic Forecast and the Effect on Jobs”
Ed Leamer, Distinguished Professor, Chauncey J. Medberry Chair in Management, Director, UCLA Anderson Forecast, UCLA

Presentation Slides
Session 1 video Part 1
Session 1 video Part 2
Session 1 video Part 3

Session 2: “A Free-Wheeling Discussion about Brand ideals, Organizational Energy, and Competitive Advantage”
Jim Stengel Former Global Marketing Officer, Proctor & Gamble, Adjunct Professor of Marketing, UCLA Anderson School and CEO of The Jim Stengel Company

Presentation Slides
Session 2 video Part 1
Session 2 video Part 2
Session 2 video Part 3
Session 2 video Part 4

Session 3: “The Nature of the Future”
Marina Gorbis,Executive Director, The Institute for the Future

Presentation Slides
Session 3 video Part 1
Session 3 video Part 2
Session 3 video Part 3

Session 4: “Leadership, Technology and Digital Engagement”
Charlene Li, CEO & Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group

Presentation Slides
Session 4 Video Part 1
Session 4 Video Part 2
Session 4 Video Part 3

Session 5: “Data-Driven Talent Decisions: Where We Are Now, and Where We Want to Be”
Karen O’Leonard, VP Benchmarking and Analytics Research, Bersin by Deloitte

Presentation Slides
Session 5 video Part 1
Session 5 video Part 2
Session 5 video Part 3

Session 6: “Managing Your Online Reputation to Build a Trusted Employer Brand”
Alison Hadden, Senior Director of Marketing, Glassdoor
Presentation Slides
Session 6 Video Part 1
Session 6 Video Part 2

Session 7: Take-Aways: Tying it All Together
Kelly Bean, Associate Dean, UCLA Anderson Executive Education (Co-Facilitator)
Corinne Bendersky, Associate Professor Management and Organizations, UCLA Anderson School of Management & HARRT Faculty Chair (Co-Facilitator)

Session 7 Video

Session 8 “New Directions in Performance Management” Panel Discussion
Bruce Barge, Partner, Talent Management, Mercer (Co-Facilitator)
Diane Evans,SVP, Head of Enterprise Talent Planning Office, Wells Fargo
Nick Rettenmyer, Director Global Compensation Programs, Microsoft
George Rose,EVP, Worldwide People and Organization, Sony Pictures
Seth Rosen, Partner, Talent Management, Mercer (Co-Facilitator)

Presentation Slides – Mercer
Presentation Slides – Diane Evans
Presentation Slides – Nick Rettenmyer
Presentation Slides – George Rose

Session 8 Video Part 1
Session 8 Video Part 2
Session 8 Video Part 3

Session 9

Corinne Bendersky, Associate Professor Management and Organizations, UCLA Anderson School of Management & HARRT Faculty Chair
InaMarie Johnson SVP, CHRO, UTi Worldwide
Session 9 Video Part 1
Session 9 Video Part 2

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